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Credentials Plug-in

by msecadm4921

Tokenless multi-factor authentication product company Swivel Secure has announced the addition of a Windows Credentials plug-in functionality to its PINsafe software. Windows Credentials Provider is Microsoft’s replacement for the GINA login process, the interactive authentication screen that Windows XP users see when they start up their PCs or laptops.

The new Credentials Provider enables users of later versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7, to integrate PINsafe authentication for the individual client device, as well as controlling remote access to network resources and corporate web applications. This non-intrusive process works alongside the existing Active Directory password making it simple, it’s claimed, to upgrade the entire user base.

The PINsafe plug-in can protect the user’s device for both on and off network authentication. Users of the PINsafe protected devices are presented with a randomly generated security string in the form of an obfuscated “TURing” image in addition to the standard Windows request for their username and password. To complete the login process the user extracts and enters a one-time-code from the security string using their fixed PIN to provide a much stronger authentication credential. This also prevents non-authorised access to data stored locally on the device.

The TURing image is a standard feature in the PINsafe range of user interface options and provides the makers say an extra level of security with minimal inconvenience for the user without the need for a special user ID token. PINsafe can be used by small businesses to global enterprises to provide two-factor authentication using a mobile phone, to manage remote access to corporate network resources via SSL VPN links as well as cloud based applications. The new Windows plug-in will enable companies to introduce a common login process across the entire network infrastructure.

Chris Russell, Swivel’s CTO said: “The addition of PINsafe to the Windows login process not only prevents unauthorised co-workers accessing sensitive data in the office environment, but also provides added peace of mind in situations where company laptops are regularly used outside the network perimeter. I am thinking here particularly about the many high profile incidents where these have been left on trains or stolen from individuals’ homes. Without the user PIN number, accessing any data stored on the laptop protected by PINsafe will be very difficult.”

About Swivel Secure

Established in 2000, Swivel’s PINsafe has users including many of the UK’s NHS Trusts, multi-national logistics organisations, high street retailers and financial institutions. Swivel is a member of Marr T&T, the technology arm of the Marr Group, an investment business.

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