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Homeland Days

by msecadm4921

The fourth Annual Science and Technology for Homeland Security and Resilience conference 2008 runs on June 25 and 26, at the Royal United Services Institute, Whitehall, London.

RUSI says that the technology imperative for building notions of national security has never been stronger. Technological possibilities are irresistible to governments pressured to increase the security of those individuals that comprise the state they govern. However, how do technologies introduced to increase security impact upon perceptions of a secure nation?

Taking its lead from 2007’s pivotal conference, where the Home Office announced their Security and Counter-Terrorism Science and Innovation Strategy, this year’s conference invites government and private sector speakers to discuss the technological and policy advances that have been made for enhancing national security. The conference will also examine how terrorists wish to utilise technology of devastating power against the state and explores some of the ways in which these attempts are countered.

With government focus on strengthening border security at airports and ports, and confirming the identity of those wishing to enter the country, the conference will examine the technologies that will enable this capability as well as some of the social and ethical dilemmas that the technology presents.

This conference, add organisers, is for individuals across the private and public sector who have responsibility for elements of national security, procurement, science and technology development and deployment. Topics of discussion:

*How does technology strengthen society’s perceptions of ‘security’?
*What are the key technological gaps that require innovation and solutions from industry to enhance national security?
*What role do the public and private sectors have to play in technological innovation and staying one step ahead of the terrorist?
*What are the key ethical dilemmas that arise when introducing new security technologies?

Confirmed speakers:

Sir David Omand, Vice Chairman, RUSI

Professor Tom Sorrell, John Ferguson Professor of Global Ethics, Director, Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham

Erik Berglund, Head of Research and Development Unit, FRONTEX

Dan Gardner, Ottawa Citizen and Author of ‘Risk – The Science and Politics of Fear’

Dr. Piers Millett, Biological Weapons Convention Meetings Secretariat, Office for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations

Dr Brooke Rogers, Kings College London

To book your place at this event or download a booking form, ring Jennifer Walker, event manager on 020 7747 2615.

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