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IP Integration

by msecadm4921

Brickcom Corporation announce the integration of a range of their IP camera series with Milestone XProtect IP video management software.

Customers will now be able to integrate the video from Brickcom IP cameras with the XProtect IP video management software. With the Milestone XProtect Device Pack 5.2 that was released at the end of December 2010, users are now able to operate wired and wireless models of Brickcom’s Cube, Fixed Box, and Fixed Dome IP cameras with their Milestone XProtect Enterprise, Professional, Essential, Go, and Corporate systems.

The Brickcom Cube, Fixed Box, and Fixed Dome series come with high resolution sensors and H.264 video compression. Features including two-way audio support and Power over Ethernet. The dual-band wireless Cube and Fixed Box cameras offer the makers say a cost-effective solution for applications where cabling is difficult or expensive to install.

"Our Device Team reported that the integration with Brickcom went very smoothly and included excellent documentation with their firmware pre-tested, which made their hardware very nice to work with," said Henrik Friborg, VP Strategic Alliances and Co-founder, Milestone Systems. "Adding exciting new models of network cameras to our supported hardware choices provides even more options for customers to implement new innovations as they become available in the market."

"Integration with Milestone strengthens our position in the market and allows us to provide an economical and scalable IP solution that can be customised to meet the needs of any application. We sincerely look forward to continuing to work with Milestone in the coming year to achieve our goal of full integration with our entire line of cameras," said Ebony Huang, President and CEO of Brickcom.

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