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Network Dome

by msecadm4921

Panasonic‚Äôs latest addition to their i-Pro SmartHD range of cameras is the WV-SW396….

The product has full ratification from ONVIF, the specification that defines a common protocol for network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata. With an optical zoom range of 36x as standard plus a 12x digital zoom capability it is possible to achieve up to 432x zoom with even greater zoom (up to 864x) achievable in VGA resolution. With a track and trace feature an electronic handshake between cameras sends an alarm to up to eight cameras in sequence to pick up a suspect moving between camera coverage zones.

Jeroen Cleijne, Security Product Manager at Panasonic System Company Europe says; “This really is an incredible surveillance camera, it’s really tough and it’s packed with the most advanced features available anywhere. The full technical specification of WV-SW396 is available on our website and we are expecting a huge response, especially from top tier installers who are seeking the highest quality solutions and the greatest return on their customers’ investments. The camera features our newly developed 1.3 megapixel double speed MOS sensor and numerous other features in direct response to what the security industry has asked for.” The product comes with accessories including alarm cable, connector kit and front and rear sunshields. The WV-Q122 bracket is readily available for installers seeking to wall mount the device.

Continuity of HD images

With Ingress Protection Rating certified at IP66, the new SW396 outdoor network dome offers total dust tightness, with no ingress of dust possible, in addition to protection against any harmful effect on the camera’s enclosure caused by jets of water blasted at it from any direction. This means that when in inhospitable positions like high roofing edges unsheltered by roofing eves, even in violent storms, the WV-SW396 will provide continuity of service according to the makers.

Up to 1,280 x 960 HD resolution images are delivered across the network through multiple H.264 and JPEG encoded streams for simultaneous real time monitoring and HD recording which is powered by UniPhier, the proprietary Panasonic system LSI platform. At 720p HD resolution, progressive scan images are produced at 30 frames per second, enabling security people to see detail and movement necessary.

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