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Property Recording Kit

by msecadm4921

Police in Newcastle are helping keep phone thieves at bay using a new property recording kit.

The city centre Neighbourhood Policing Team used a Hermes kit to register revellers belongings at the city centre’s O2 Academy with national property databases.

The Hermes kit is a portable netbook computer and barcode scanner configured as dedicated property recording consoles, and enables police to capture and register personal property quickly, accurately and securely to its national database as well as national property register Immobilise.

It means when stolen property is recovered police can search the database to reunite it with its rightful owner. The more people who sign up and register their property the more difficult it is for thieves to gain from their crimes.

Police spoke to people in the queue at the O2 Academy last weekend resulting in a total of 77 people getting their phones on property registers via Hermes.

Police also have use of a new Apollo barcode scanner, which scans property and can tell – by tapping into the property databases – if an item is stolen. This will be used regularly to recover stolen property and identify those involved in theft and handling offences.

City centre Neighbourhood Sergeant Lesley Wheatley said: "The Hermes kit is a quick and easy way of registering people’s property and building up a database of information which is safe and secure.

"It helps police identify recovered property as being stolen and reunite it with the rightful owners, is a deterrent for thieves and helps ensure criminals can be dealt with appropriately if they are identified instantly as being in possession of stolen property.

"The event at the O2 last weekend was a success, with 77 people registering their mobile phones via Hermes, and I’d urge as many people as possible to come to Eldon Square on Saturday to get their phones registered."

As well as mobile phones, property such as MP3 players, laptops, other electrical goods and bikes can be scanned and registered with the national property databases.

Sgt Wheatley also emphasised how important it is for people to keep their personal belongings secure at all times.

She said: "We’ve had a number of reports over recent months of mobile phones and other items being stolen after they’ve been left unattended or on show in pubs and clubs.

"People should ensure they have their valuables out of sight and secure in zipped compartments. They should never leave their belongings unattended or lying on bars and tables."

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