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Rail Patrols

by msecadm4921

Contract security officers and British Transport Police have made late-night patrols on trains travelling from Newcastle to Carlisle.

As part of the operation Northern Rail security officers carried headcams, to gather video footage of any offending behaviour. Martyn Guiver, Crime and Contingency Planning manager for Northern Rail said: "We will not tolerate assaults or anti-social behaviour against our staff. Their safety and that of our customers is paramount.

"We have a zero-tolerance approach to assaults and work closely with British Transport Police to detain and seek prosecution of any person who assaults or abuses a member of staff or our customers. The BTP officers and Northern security staff will patrol these trains on Saturday as a visible deterrent to the small minority of people committing anti-social behaviour on services between Newcastle and Carlisle."

The Saturday night patrols were in response to a number of incidents in recent weeks. BTP report that the problems are most prevalent on Saturday nights and range from incidents of anti-social behaviour, threatening behaviour towards rail staff and alcohol-fuelled disorder. The offences often occur when Newcastle United play at home and the operation was arranged to coincide with the last home game of the football season.

Detective Inspector Andrea Rainey of British Transport Police is coordinating the operation, she said: "Commuters and rail staff are sick and tired of the anti social behaviour which regularly occurs on this route. intimidated and we hope that Saturday’s operation will send the message out that BTP alongside Northern Rail will not tolerate these types of incidents."

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