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by msecadm4921

BAE Systems Military Air Solutions (MAS), part of the global defence, security and aerospace company BAE Systems, has chosen the VESE visitor management system from SISYS to control visitor access across four of its sites. SISYS is a division of Chubb Systems, part of UTC Fire & Security.

With over 87,000 visitors to its Warton, Samlesbury, Channel Way and West Strand sites, maintaining security is a priority, and so BAE turned to electronic visitor management provider, SISYS.

SISYS recommended its Visitor Express Security Edition (VESE), which provides a means of processing passes for visitors to the premises. It stores key information and images which can be searched for and displayed based on varying criteria.

A total of 10 image capture terminals and 13 enquiry terminals were installed across the four sites, alongside two self-service terminals. The self-service Fast Track Kiosks verify if the visitor is expected, print out the pass and email the host announcing the visitor’s arrival.

BAE Systems also selected Intranet Visit Notification System (INVS), which provides intranet booking for hosts to invite and pre-book their own visitors. The system enables hosts to see appointments as they are due, and emails can be automatically generated to confirm the appointment, including a location map. SISYS has also provided seven wireless barcode guns to allow remote logging of arrival and departures ensuring accurate time records are maintained of who is on site and when.

“The SISYS visitor management system has dramatically improved the way our company manages and handles visitors,” says Michelle Villis, Global Security Environment Manager at BAE Systems – Warton Unit. “The quality passes produced from the system demonstrate our business’ focus on security. The way the visitors are now more efficiently handled reinforces the company focus on customer service.”

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