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HRS helping police to save time and reduce cost of latent processing

by msecadm4921

Human Recognition Systems (HRS), winners of the Home Office TD2 Innovation 2011 award, will be demonstrating its latest developments to its MForce product for latent fingerprint processing at the Security and Policing exhibition which opened today and is in Farnborough till 2 February. 


MForce was designed for organisations that operate in remote, difficult or temporary environments and need fast capture and confirmation of identity. HRS recently completed further research and identified the challenge operationally faced by both the Police and Military in the field, and when back at the station, with the processing of latent fingerprints. Taking prints and then processing away from the scene often causes delays in the operation and increases cost. As a result HRS has made enhancements to its mobile biometric solution MForce to capture and process latent and livescan fingerprints, with the aim of reducing time, cost and providing actionable intelligence for investigators at the scene. 

James Saxton Product Strategy Director said “The mobility of MForce means a print can be lifted at the crime scene, digitised and a match performed against a watchlist within minutes.  The system can also be used to take elimination prints of people at the scene and perform matches immediately reducing the work load of latent print examiners.”

He added

“With this information readily available it could reduce the time involved in an investigation. It is easy to use so untrained personnel can carry out automatic forensic fingerprint processing”

The solution also allows contextual information to be tagged to the latent fingerprint so location and any other details are accurately recorded. 

HRS developed MForce following its practical, hands-on deployment experience and knowledge gained in delivering rugged, mobile biometric systems for the military and other agencies operating in difficult environments.

Delegates attending the exhibition can see MForce demonstrations at the Human Recognition Systems exhibition stand K3. In addition HRS is also showcasing its MFlow product showing how people movement can be measured using facial recognition and MSite its access control and workforce reporting solution using biometrics. 

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