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by Mark Rowe

IP CCTV has progressed over the last three years with a wider range of features and also easier configuration for connecting to a network. The changing economy has stuttered and delayed the growth i the UK where the market is unique to the rest of the word. The UK is still legacy system prolific and a cut in budgets means that the upgrading of CCTV is one of the things that are put on hold. The level of councils and public authority purchasing equipment helps the industry as it drives up the quantity and lowers the prices for all purchases. IT spending has not slowed across the board, smart mobile device sales have shown that the interface market has changed.

The volume of uptake of the small mobile devices has caught out the manufacturers as well as the mobile data suppliers. The demand is not relenting and the devices are proving to be the main interface for users. Peripheral products need to be integrated with the smart mobile device so that it benefits the user. This may be taking the product that is available now and making it connectable over mobile networks and then recording or storing data in the cloud.

With this in mind Bikal not only provides the IP CCTV and the corresponding software, for video management and video analytics but it is also able to cater for the data products. IT distributors can get Bikal IP CCTV product which has 3G connectivity and cloud managed services. Not only will the CCTV have the remote connectivity the added data services will then appeal to the wider more mobile connected customer. Bikal can provide business models with the IT distributor to share revenues from the data transfer and cloud based product. As the cloud technology develops Bikal will bring more services to the end customer so that we evolve with and not follow the change in technology.

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