Olympia Expo review: The Cyber Scheme

by Mark Rowe

The November print edition of Professional Security Magazine will feature some of the exhibitors and visitors we talked to last week at the International Security Expo at London Olympia. First, here’s details of an exhibitor upstairs in the cyber part of the expo; The Cyber Scheme, a not-for-profit company.

The Cyber Scheme is one of two trainers accredited by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre to offer examinations that meet UK Government Standards in penetration testing, for pen testers and ethical hackers.

Initially their target audience was those pen testers who need official CHECK accreditation to work on UK Government contracts – hence CTM and CTL assessments to accredit practitioners for this work. The trainers have found the audience has expanded to those aiming to build a career in pen testing.

Pictured is Charles White, the founding Director of Cheltenham-based The Cyber Scheme, set up and contracted to the NCSC, NCSC in 2013 as an alternative examinations scheme. Charles was the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Information Risk Management (IRM), a company sold to Altran SA in 2017. He was behind the forging of ties between IRM and the NCSC.

Advanced Practitioner

Recently The Cyber Scheme and the examination institute APM Group announced that they’re working together on entry routes and career pathways in cyber. And The Cyber Scheme is launching Advanced Practitioner Mentoring, for Infrastructure and Web App. Inaugural sessions begin in December.

‘The Advanced Practitioner’ is a series of mentoring sessions with a trainer in penetration testing. The aim of the sessions is to consolidate knowledge and skills, highlight any gaps that might affect assessment, and create a clear roadmap with the eventual aim of becoming a top-tier practitioner. Applicants should have a minimum of two years of experience as a practitioner; sessions are not training course, but described as more an exercise in understanding how to fill any gaps in knowledge or practical skills. The aim isn’t to pass a particular accreditation; however, many may use the chance to work on any identified shortfalls while working towards their next assessment.


A diary date; the Expo next runs on September 26 and 27 at Olympia. Visit

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