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by Mark Rowe

The multi-national security contractor G4S launched in Europe an autonomous shortwave ultraviolet light robot that destroys up to 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses. G4S, with Netherlands-based tech firm Loop Robots, says the product prevents infection, keeps assets and people safe, and can be used to sanitise very large areas if a positive case of covid-19 is detected.

An officer and the SAM-UVC robot can surgically sanitise 4500 square metres within three hours without human labour, the firms report, and without harsh chemicals. The option of digital mapping a space allows for regular autonomous cleaning, alongside physical security measures.

Marc Rensing, Business Development Manager at G4S Netherlands, said: “This solution will protect the daily operations of our clients using powerful UV-C technology and highlights the value of an integrated security approach.

“Integrated security is about more than just keeping assets safe – though that is important. It’s about our combination of expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics that meet the needs of our clients’ unique businesses and the specific risks they face. That means protecting them from outbreaks and viruses that could harm employees or prompt temporary closures that damage productivity.”

While covid-19 particles have been shown to survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard and 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, UV-C light (254nm) is a way to kill all pathogens on a surface as it destroys the RNA of viruses and DNA of bacteria in seconds, the inventors say.

Marc Rensing said: “This integrated solution can be applied to the medical field – hospitals and laboratories, for example – as well as care homes and other places where surfaces need to be regularly disinfected. But also retail spaces, food manufacturing locations, pharmacies – places where essential operations must continue. While the UV-C light application clearly works for COVID-19, it also kills other dangerous bacteria that can cause diseases.”

The robot generates a report as it scans and disinfects an area, providing audit data so businesses can show their operations are sanitised.

And Per Slycke, CEO at Loop Robots, said: “Our mission at Loop Robots is to provide superhuman tools to empower our customers. Leveraging the SAM-UVC robot, G4S is able to provide a unique sanitising security service with truly ground-breaking efficiency compared to disinfection using hand wipes and chemicals. We are excited to see our robots made widely accessible as a service, creating tangible results and value for G4S and its customers.”

You can view a video on the Loop Robots website.

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