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Smart cities white paper

by Mark Rowe

Eagle Eye Networks, the US-based cloud video security company, has published its latest white paper. Titled “Smart Cities: Cloud Video for Connected, Secure Cities”, it’s aimed at city leaders looking to build a smart infrastructure. The paper covers applications, public use, technology requirements, and smart city engineering and architecture.

The document suggests that besides technology, what’s required are system design thinking; and stakeholder and citizen involvement.

Ken Francis, President of Eagle Eye Networks says: “Recent successes have shown that cloud-based solutions are indispensable elements of smart city infrastructure, which includes both public and private infrastructure elements. Cloud-based deployments are essential for cost-effectiveness, scalability, and short deployment timeframes. Eagle Eye Networks is proud to partner with city officials around the globe to accelerate innovation and deployment timeframes by building a cyber secure, open, cloud-based security foundation for their cities.”

The white paper outlines 11 key requirements of smart city technology initiatives, including:

Intelligent Connectivity – City leaders must develop a sound networking plan for any proposed project, verifying the infrastructure capabilities and documenting the planned intelligent use of existing network infrastructure and any new infrastructure to be added as part of the project.

Scalability – Explore the future vision of the smart city infrastructure and document how the modern solution being proposed will satisfy current needs and also be both expandable and manageable for future growth.

Device and System Inter-­op­er­ability – Ensure the immediate interoperability requirements have all been identified. Work out and document how they will be addressed by current product capabilities or near-term vendor roadmap items.

Open Systems Architecture – Don’t just conform to smart city planning, but contribute to it – especially for strategic infrastructure design and elevating citizen and visitor experiences.

Actionable Data and Analytics – Security technology service providers should consider the many opportunities that are appropriate for a city seeking to improve the smart city venue experiences.

You can request to download “Smart Cities: Cloud Video for Connected, Secure Cities” at the EEN website. Also visit Meanwhile Eagle Eye Networks is taking part in a virtual event, Smart City Live 2020, on November 17 and 18. Access is free; visit

EEN meanwhile has raised $40 million of Series E funding from venture capital firm Accel. Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks said: “There is a tremendous opportunity to leverage AI and alter the very nature of video surveillance. Eagle Eye Networks now has the means and the technology to enable cloud video surveillance to transform how companies manage security and business operations, in the same way self-driving and electric cars are transforming transportation.

“Ultimately, smart cloud video surveillance with appropriate privacy and cybersecurity protections will make business and communities much safer, for example: detecting dangers such as weapons, erratic driving, active robberies, and traffic accidents. Furthermore, businesses will analyse their customer service and retail operations to provide a significantly better customer experience, and manufacturers will provide higher quality products, in a safer and more timely manner with video AI.”

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