Airport system

by Mark Rowe

Oncam Grandeye, a 360-degree CCTV product firm, has been awarded a contract by the Houston Airport System (HAS) to provide Evolution 360 cameras for Hobby and Bush International Airports.

The equipment will be integrated into the Honeywell MaxPro System by Preferred Technologies, a Houston-based installer. Steve Donovan, Oncam Grandeye’s director of sales for the Americas, said: “The Houston Airport System team had the objective of creating a cutting-edge deployment that highlighted the unique value of 360-degree technology in critical infrastructure, video-system design.”

The cameras will be used at check points, gate areas, large, general areas such as lobbies and waiting lounges, and in hallways. Because of the visuals obtained with 360-degree technology, only one Oncam Grandeye camera is needed to cover multiple views, which would generally require multiple fixed cameras, the makers say.

The airport will save money by reduced camera counts, and the product allows for retrospection, which means that managers can go back to an event and go ‘inside’ an image to find a person or an incident because the camera gives them 24-365 situational awareness, and the de-warping software makes an image taken with a fisheye lens smooth and readily discernible, it is claimed.

“By deploying hundreds of 360 cameras, HAS will achieve maximized situational awareness, superior wide-area coverage with reduced blind spots, and a valuable and efficient forensic tool for critical investigations,” said Shaun Castillo, president of Preferred Technologies.

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