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by Mark Rowe

HawkSight SRM has released the latest powered by Esri version of its security risk management HawkSight Software. The latest version of the software incorporates key ArcGIS functionality – such as scalable mapping with global-to-local overview, live incident feed capability, selectable satellite tracking overlays, threat assessment and threat database capability.

It also includes an operational risk management tool kit, extensive risk modelling and simulation besides enterprise wide reporting and communication functions. The software users range from global corporates to government departments and NGOs managing their security risks. HawkSight says clients can internalise their processes and develop more cost-effective risk management mitigation strategies.

HawkSight says the software is both customisable and scalable which enables users to properly reflect their risk appetite and produce both risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies. By providing transparency across all operations and uniformity of approach, those responsible for managing risk to employees, infrastructure and IT can also collaborate.

HawkSight SRM Managing Director, Paul Mercer, said: “Managing risk is becoming more an ever more complex necessity for business. Historically, it was always a concern for organisations such as oil and gas, the media and NGOs working in hostile environments. That is still the case but, as recent events have demonstrated, even in more benign environments, risks are escalating.

“We’ve developed HawkSight Software powered by Esri to provide a suite of tools which allow security professionals to assess, monitor and manage risks to their business. It is also bridging the gap between operations and the boardroom by providing reporting in a language which mirrors that of enterprise risk.

“We believe that by providing consultancy, software tools and appropriate professional training, our clients will be able to take greater control of this critical aspect of their business. I believe that HawkSight Software powered by Esri is the future of security risk management.”

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