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by Mark Rowe

4Sight Imaging, an automated number plate recognition (ANPR) imaging product company, has developed new vehicle monitoring technologies. The Uk firm says that could prevent terror attacks by intercepting the trafficking of illegal arms across international borders and enabling faster identification of suspect vehicles.

The launch of 4Sight’s Veracity V2 will include new high-definition (HD) features for licence plate colour and country recognition to enable monitoring and management of real-time data. The fdevelopers say that scenarios range from counter terrorism and law enforcement to commercial parking and private security.

The new features have been designed the makers say to overcome limitations in ANPR systems by maximising the amount of quality data captured at the point of reading the licence plate. The ability to gather more real-time information and correlate it with relevant registration data will the firm says improve the effectiveness of any ANPR application. It will also be of benefit where there is a need to identify or track down suspect vehicles based only on limited information from witness statements.

Building on Veracity’s multi-lane operation, new features in Veracity V2 include vehicle colour; licence plate colour; country of registration; identity of the state, region or province where the vehicle is registered; and direction of travel – whether the vehicle is moving towards or away from the camera or is stationary. In different countries, different coloured plates can denote classifications of vehicles and uses, for example, taxis, military, police, hire car, heavy goods vehicle and diplomatic transport.

Marcus Boden, Business Development Director at 4Sight Imaging said: “High-definition imaging software and camera equipment have developed dramatically in recent years. By exploiting the latest technology advances, Veracity V2’s rich functionality and user-friendly features will make it far easier and more affordable for organisations to drive additional value from vehicle data. This in turn will make it easier for them to use vehicle identification intelligence to overcome challenges in everything from policing to parking.

“Whether it’s to minimise risks to public safety in the face of rising security threats or to run commercial vehicle management processes more efficiently, Veracity V2 offers the better user experience, measurable savings and multiple operational benefits required to set a new gold standard in ANPR performance.”

Example 1: Veracity V2 for safety and law enforcement
Vehicles often play a role in crime and terrorism. This puts pressure on law enforcement agencies, particularly if vehicles are stolen, have cloned plates or have crossed international borders. While some governments have access to vehicle registration databases to match licence plate data with vehicle details such as make, model and colour in near-time, many don’t. Search capabilities are compromised in regions where vehicles can move across borders and where access to country-of-origin vehicle data is restricted. While intelligence operations or witness statements may yield some of this information, Veracity V2 offers the capability to initiate searches and raise alerts on key data points.

Example 2: Veracity V2 for vehicle management
Car park management companies are seeking ways to improve customer service while maximising revenues by automating processes. In a single camera / multi-lane environment, direction of travel is used to calculate the time spent in the car park according to images of entry (driving towards) and exit (driving away). However, the resolution of entrance/exit anomalies caused by congestion at access points have traditionally required costly manual effort to resolve. The ability of Veracity V2 to automate these processes by applying logic to key data points such as licence plate colour, direction of travel and time, can reduce these costs,. it’s claimed.

Example 3: Veracity V2 for road safety
The ability to trigger an alert on vehicles travelling in the wrong direction, are stationary or aren’t where they’re supposed to be has benefits to highways agencies, security operatives and enforcement companies. Veracity V2 captures information, to generate alerts with it is claimed minimal false alarms.

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