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by msecadm4921

The IP video management software (VMS) company Milestone Systems has released XProtect Corporate 5 with XProtect Smart Client 7. The Danish IT firm describes XProtect Corporate as software for sophisticated, high-risk security installations.

XProtect Smart Client, the operator tool for all XProtect VMS, has a new streamlined interface in this latest version. The firm has also brought out the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) 3 for Milestone Solution Partners (MSPs) offering applications that can be integrated into XProtect.

The XProtect Smart Client is a client application for the daily operations of surveillance installations. A user can access live video, investigate security incidents and export recordings. The developers say that their XProtect Smart Client can be optimised for different tasks and operator requirements – and is available in 26 languages. A user has the option to choose dark or light themes for different working environment needs.

A new video timeline and search tools enable faster and more accurate incident investigation. To improve work flow, the XProtect Smart Client features new tabs for:
   • Sequence Explorer –  fast searching of video thumbnails
   • Alarm Manager –  immediate visual verification and response to alarms
   • System Monitor – instant view of system performance

The XProtect Smart Client also features a new digital signature so that unauthorised people cannot open secured exports and that any tampering can be detected. A reporting feature provides detailed configuration results.  

XProtect Corporate supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites and is now available with support for 64-bit recording servers. For systems demanding situational awareness and response time, it offers interactive, multi-layered maps linked to alarms. Built-in support for XProtect Smart Wall gives an overview of installations and seamless command centre control.

New in XProtect Corporate 5 is support for Edge Storage with flexible retrieval, which enables scheduled or manually initiated retrieval of video and audio stored in the camera, optimising bandwidth use. XProtect Corporate 5 also features Remote Camera Connection to connect remote cameras over the Internet.

Christian Bohn, VP Product Management and Marketing for Milestone , says: “XProtect Corporate is the most cost-efficient XProtect VMS platform ever. The new version enables better use of available server resources, storage and network bandwidth than any previous XProtect product.”

This release includes the MIP SDK 3, which gives Milestone Solution Partners more capabilities when integrating their offerings with XProtect. Offerings by MSPs include access control, analytics, Point-of-Sale, ERP, RFID and HVAC building systems. MSPs now have a unique opportunity to use the XProtect Smart Client tab functionality to create their own dedicated tab in the client. This helps streamline operations since all systems are accessible through one common interface. 

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