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Portability to endoscopes

by msecadm4921

The new SPL.5 LED light source from Ultrafine Technology liberates endoscope users from having to carry around a bulky light source and battery pack, according to the product manufacturer. Containing a rechargeable battery, the light handle screws into any standard fitting endoscope to provide portability.



Although the light source is only 90 mm in length, its LED technology makes it bright, it is claimed, being more powerful than a 150 W halogen bulb according to the firm. This increases its operating range and makes inspection more effective, it is claimed.


Ultrafine’s John Patterson said: “Inspection can only be as good as the light available. If there’s not enough light you can’t do the job.”


The SPL.5 is the makers say suitable for use with endoscopes in the security industry, where portability is a requirement. 


The light intensity of 20 000 lux is adjustable, with the battery providing an operating time of 45 min at full power. Lamp life is typically 50 000 h, and a charger and spare battery are included.

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