French connection

by Mark Rowe

Two former policemen have formed a business partnership five years almost to the day after they first met at an EPIC (Ex Police in Industry and Commerce) meeting in October 2009.

They are Mike Warburton and Graham Dooley. They had a number of things in common; they’re former detectives, both speak French (although Graham admits that only Mike has the accent) and they are a similar age. Shortly after their first meeting, Graham, pictured, introduced Mike to the Council of International Investigators and Intellenet. They kept in touch through networking meetings and referrals. Mike retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2008; Graham retired in 1991. Mike has over 30 years’ police experience and six years in the corporate sector, and Graham has 18 years police experience and 20 years in the corporate sector.

Both are Librans. One of the characteristics of this star-sign they point out is being solution-oriented. Libra’s main goal is to find a solution that happily satisfies all parties, because members of this sign truly loathe the thought that anyone walks away from the table feeling unhappy.

Mike is a multi-lingual British former Special Branch officer with experience of security and intelligence issues in Europe and Africa. Skills include developing international relationships and mentoring team members. He has a network of contacts in government and the private security sector. Graham, a member of the Association of British Investigators, hasalso been a licensed PI in France since 1996 and specialises in asset and people tracing, bankruptcy and insolvency enquiries. Besides metropolitan France he has undertaken assignments in Tunisia and Morocco .

The two say that their partnership is a reaction to the ever-changing world of global security and investigations. One rule is that they will travel to any location to meet the client, subject to certain conditions. They will meet and discuss the assignment in confidentiality and will not take on email enquiries without exercising complete due diligence of the client.

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