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by msecadm4921

RISCO Group is launching a series of iWISE Grade 3 Bus Detectors. They’re designed for installation as addressable detectors on the bus of RISCO Group’s ProSYS product.

iWISE detectors are RISCO Group’s flagship detector series installed the makers add in thousands of commercial and institutional sites worldwide.

The iWISE Bus models include remote control and diagnostic of detector parameters from the ProSYS upload/download software or keypad; such as: detection sensitivity, microwave range, LEDs on/off, dreenLine on/off. Remote interrogation of the detectors includes DC voltage input level to the detector, PIR sensor signal and noise levels, microwave signal and noise levels.

A feature of the iWISE Bus Series is the inclusion of an extra Relay zone input. This allows connection of an additional conventional relay detector to the iWISE Bus detector saving on wiring back to the panel. The extra detector can be assigned to any zone number in the panel and terminated as NC, NO, EOL, DEOL, etc.

Three iWISE Bus models are being introduced: iWISE Bus DT AM 15m Grade 3, iWISE Bus DT AM 25m Grade 3 and iWISE Bus QUAD AM Grade 3. The iWISE Bus models employ active infrared anti-masking and have the same detection performance as the iWISE DT AM Grade 3 and iWISE QUAD AM Grade 3 respectively.

ProSYS Addressable bus detectors enable remote parameter setting and diagnostic capabilities, meeting requirements for replacement of a second site visit each year by remote interrogation. Up to 32 bus detectors can be installed on the ProSYS bus without the need for physical zone expanders. Bus detectors also simplify according to the firm installation and save on wiring costs, as only four wires enable full functionality and serial connection shortens wiring lengths. Additional bus detectors available are: WatchOUT Outdoor detectors and Industrial LuNAR and WatchIN industrial Detectors.

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