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by msecadm4921

J2K Video Limited, a digital CCTV company has chosen bespoke computer manufacturer Sight Systems, to build their SharpView recorder.

The recorder, to be used with J2KV’s SharpView Cameras, is capable of processing video from several cameras at over 625 images per second. This means the pictures are of photographic quality and the frames are changing often enough to provide smooth video, rather that the jerky motion and blurred images that current CCTV evidence is based upon, according to the firm.
Sight Systems have incorporated a 4,000GB storage capacity using 500GB Hard Disk Drives with an input rate of up to 640 Mbps. The storage on each of the hard disks can be configured to suit specific applications which include 100pc mirrored storage using RAID-1 or High Speed fault tolerant RAID-3. The whole package has an operating temperature range of between 0 and 55 degrees C within the specified dimensions of 660mm x 430 mm x 89mm.
CCTV operators can now record and store HD quality images while continuing to stream live video and playback recordings simultaneously.

The SharpView Recorder runs bespoke SharpView Management Software that enables users to pan, tilt and zoom in on any detail without losing definition, according to the makers. The SharpView maintains and records the whole field of view and, due to the high pixel capture, viewers can watch live and pre-recorded video from the whole scene in wide screen panoramic views without the need for PTZ operators’ control which could miss critical scenes if the camera were moved away from key positions.
Sight Systems say that they were selected to build the SharpView Recorder on the back of their reputation for building bespoke computer solutions.
“We were very impressed with Sight Systems track record” said Jay Patel, Managing Director of J2KV, “Their work in defence, industrial control, simulation and even broadcast industries has been innovative and, more importantly, reliable.”
Craig Blackman, Managing Director of Sight Systems said: “I have no doubt that J2KV’s products will revolutionise the CCTV industry and we at Sight Systems are delighted at being selected to manufacture the SharpView Recorder. The brief was very precise and exacting and I believe that we have delivered a product that will match J2KV’s high standards.”


Established in 1988, Sight Systems provides service for customers, whether they are sourcing a custom system, or need a solution based upon off- the-shelf components. OEMs that have benefited from their approach include Shell, BP, BBC, Jim Henson Organisation, BAE, Aardman Animations, Rolls-Royce, and Castrol.

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