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Hanoi Burglary Warning

by msecadm4921

In West Yorkshire, police in Calderdale are urging residents to ensure their car keys are kept out of the reach of opportunist thieves. The warning comes after thieves broke into two properties in the Ripponden area and stole keys to high value cars before taking the vehicles….

Upper Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team officers have been visiting properties in the area to hand out crime prevention advice and possible target hardening referrals, to prevent motorists falling victim to Hanoi-style burglaries where thieves sneak in through unlocked doors and windows to steal car keys before escaping in the vehicle.

Officers have delivered more than 100 letters advising households on security and have carried out high visibility patrols to stop and check suspicious vehicles in the area and disrupt known criminals.

Detective Inspector Dean McIntyre, from Calderdale Division’s Tasking Unit, said: "Hanoi-style burglaries can be incredibly distressing for victims because the thieves have sneaked into their home, often while they are in another room or asleep during the night, and made off in their vehicle before they can do anything about it.

"There are plenty of simple steps motorists can take to prevent becoming a victim of Hanoi-style burglaries. These include parking your car in a garage if possible, keeping car keys out of view and easy reach, locking doors and windows, and using a wheel clamp.

"You should also be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, registration numbers and descriptions to the police, particularly if people are paying particular attention to cars parked in driveways."

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