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by msecadm4921

Websense?s employee internet management (EIM) software is linking with SonicWALL?s internet security solutions.

Websense?s employee internet management (EIM) software is linking with SonicWALL?s internet security solutions. SonicWALL firewalls, enabled with Websense software, protect customer networks from external threats, as well as manage internal internet use. Customers ultimately benefit from a joint firewall-EIM solution that provides enhanced network security, improved employee productivity and reduced legal liability, the firms say.

Geoff Haggart, VP Europe, Websense, says: ?SonicWALL’s security solutions strengthen Websense’s leadership position by providing customers with another strong integration option for deploying Websense. In addition, we view this partnership as a way for Websense to grow its share of the small and medium-sized business market.? Tom Furlong, senior vice president of marketing and engineering, SonicWALL, says: ?The SonicWALL and Websense solution addresses two critical business needs for enterprises: network protection against Internet security threats and content management across the distributed network. Websense’s leadership in the enterprise space makes Websense Enterprise software a natural choice to integrate with SonicWALL.? Websense Enterprise v4.3 EIM software is linking with SonicWALL’s family of ASIC-based firewall and VPN appliances, ranging from the SonicWALL TELE3 to the SonicWALL GX 650. The joint solution will be available shortly 2002.

SonicWALL has more than 200,000 security appliances installed worldwide. Websense in the corporate EIM field has more than 16,500 customers and 11.2 million pre-paid customer seats. See

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