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Satellite Tracking

by msecadm4921

Secureseal has signed an agreement with Axonn, a US-based global satellite tracking technology firm.

Secureseal has been appointed as Master Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the European Union (EU). Using low earth orbit satellites, Axonn has developed technology for wireless global one-way communication and tracking of fixed and mobile assets. Secureseal has integrated Axonn technology with its own RFID technologies to create SecureTrac, a new web-based asset tracking system.

The product offers extended operation without external power source, it is claimed, suitable for tracking shipments and assets including containers, swap bodies, rail wagons and other assets. To provide coverage around the globe, Axonn utilises the Globalstar low earth orbit (LEO) mobile satellite system. Through SecureTrac, assets are located using Google Earth with current positions shown on a satellite image, aerial photograph or map.

Enfield-based Secureseal has already a client base in the transport sector with its security seals and RFID trailer monitoring systems. Secureseal is part of the OEM Group.

“Like Secureseal, Axonn’s focus is to provide cost efficient, low power; ultra-reliable, secure monitoring devices. SecureTrac represents a perfect marriage of technology, bringing to market a true breakthrough solution that we really believe will revolutionise logistics, security and the management of assets,” says Ben Grant, Managing Director of the OEM Group, Secureseal’s parent.

“Secureseal is the perfect partner for us in the UK and Europe. Not only do they have the technical capability and business contacts, but also a very appealing solution with SecureTrac. This development is a big step toward realising the enormous potential for Axonn technology and we expect will be the start of a revolution in asset and shipping management for European organisations,” says Chad Holsinger, Axonn Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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