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by msecadm4921

Professional Security Consultants (PSC), a supplier of security services, has announced availability of Case Global, a web-based emergency software tool.

It integrates safety, security and risk management throughout an organisation and provides access to all vital information enabling a response to incidents.

Case Global provides a computer assisted security environment that allows users to visualise critical facility information including detailed structure plans and the location of all utilities, emergency exits, fire hydrants, sprinkler cover, isolation valves and other critical fire and life saving equipment. It also shows evacuation routes, crisis response plan and the relevant work instructions issued to security officers. This information is accessed using a standard web-browser and is presented using digital imagery and CAD drawings.

What they say

According to Andrew Black, Managing Director of PSCUK: “Case Global provides a unique real-time environment that will enable security resources to be more effectively deployed across a whole organisation no matter how many different locations. It can be used online or stand-alone to provide greater control of safety and security plans for every facility enabling the delivery of a more coordinated and meaningful response to emergencies to save lives and protect assets.” The new product enables all response and reporting procedures to be standardised across an organisation. It consolidates key information and produces a range of bespoke incident reports that assist with the monitoring and evaluation of security services on a daily basis. Key staff can be automatically notified when critical incident reports are logged and can click on hyperlinks to the original incident reports for instant review.

Mapping tool

An incident mapping tool provides visual identification of incident spread and the location of ‘hot spots’. Potential problem areas can be analysed by a variety of criteria enabling security operations to respond proactively with the appropriate resources. This also helps predict where future incidents may occur, enabling appropriate interventions to be prepared. Automating the analysis of incident data helps reduce risk and liability whilst enabling the delivery of a more proactive response in partnership with local authorities and the emergency services.

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