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by msecadm4921

When wireless residential security systems were introduced in the UK a few years ago, security product distributors, installers and end users questioned the idea of relying entirely on a wireless system. That is no longer the case say manufacturers Visonic.

Their PowerMax QuickFit Kit is a pre-programmed residential wireless security system in a box. According to Tony Mann, Managing Director at Visonic UK, the kit has generated new confidence in wireless security systems, enabling distributors and installers to move more of their residential business to wireless.

“Distributors find it far easier to sell wireless security systems with the Visonic QuickFit Kit, and wireless means higher margins for them. For installers, who traditionally needed a full day for each domestic hardwired system installation, the kit means major labor cost savings as they can install two to three wireless systems daily. This outweighs the higher price of a wireless security system as compared to a hardwired system. For home owners, there are multiple benefits: their decor stays intact as no cables need to be hidden, and a wireless security system is generally more user-friendly.”


“The PowerMax QuickFit Kit has proven instrumental in helping everyone in the residential security business – distributors and installers – maintain and even grow their business during the recent downturn. We were worried about the recession,” adds Mann. “Our initial prediction was that a lot of installers would switch back to hard-wired systems because of the lower cost. However, due to the quick and efficient installation of QuickFit Kits, most installers actually increased their number of wireless installations and saved costs by keeping their permanent staff busy and no longer using contract labour.”

Installer’s business

Mayday Alarms, which offers hard-wired and wireless intruder alarm systems to residential and commercial customers in Devon and Cornwall, is fitting the PowerMax kit. The Plymouth-based company offers 24-hour maintenance and a fully-inclusive warranty on the systems it installs, so system reliability is imperative. Quick and simple installations are becoming increasingly important.

Simon Waring, Mayday Alarms’ director, said: “Most customers want a security system that is aesthetically appealing and fits in with their décor. We usually do our installations after decoration is completed, and with the PowerMax QuickFit Kit, installation is quick and easy. Our customers like the fact that there is very little upheaval when the system is installed – no drilling, folding back of their nice carpets or lifting of their new floorboards. The fact that the kit comes as a preprogrammed package is a major benefit as a lot of time is saved on installation. Also, with the external transformer that comes with the kit, the main panel can be mounted exactly where the customer wants it.”

According to Waring, 90 per cent of all new residential security installations and 40pc of commercial installations done by Mayday are wireless. The company only uses Visonic wireless security systems for these installations – 95pc of which are PowerMax kits. “The PowerMax QuickFit Kit offers us a balance between aesthetics, ease-ofinstallation and value for money. It is far more affordable than other wireless products, which can cost as much as one-third more. Since we started selling the PowerMax kits at the beginning of 2007, our wireless sales have increased more than ten-fold.”

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