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Think Illumination

by msecadm4921

As dark winter nights come, CCTV product firm Derwent is issuing a warning to the security industry: give greater consideration to illumination.

Most crime takes place under the cover of darkness. Derwent reports that it has found that many CCTV cameras fail to capture useable images at night due to insufficient or non-existent illumination. As light levels drop, cameras will struggle to capture an image and without sufficient light, picture quality can seriously deteriorate. During winter, light can drop as early as 4pm, leaving CCTV systems vulnerable from mid-afternoon onwards.

With this in mind the product firm is launching its ‘Dark Nights’ campaign to hammer home to the industry the importance of specifying and installing the correct type of lighting. The company says infra-red (IR) is the best and most powerful illumination available for CCTV. Without IR, dark night-time scenes remain dark to CCTV cameras, images suffer from shadows, signal noise and loss of focus.

What they say

"Many CCTV cameras installed during the light summer months will fail when they come up against the challenges of dark winter conditions," says Linda Williams, Derwent’s UK Sales Manager. "The message is clear – without light there can be no picture. Adding Derwent lamps to an existing system can bring it alive again, ensuring it delivers high-resolution surveillance on a true 24 hour-basis."

To tie in, Derwent is to release an update to its Night-time Handbook, for anyone involved in installing or specifying CCTV systems.

For more info

To request a copy of the new Night-time Handbook or for more information on upgrading CCTV systems with Infra-Red ring Derwent on 01670 730187 or email [email protected]

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