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by msecadm4921

Despite the fact there has been no major terrorist attack against Western targets outside of the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan in over a year, it would be wrong to assume that the threat from such an attack has dissipated. This is the clear message being shown by record exhibitor and delegate interest in the forthcoming Counter Terror Expo 2009 (CTX09), say organisers.

The event is running at the QE11 Centre in central London on February 10 and 11, 2009.

Organisers add that CTX09 is being held against the backdrop of a continued heightened state of alert in many countries, for the probability of an imminent terrorist attack. Such is the level of concern globally, that over 75 counter terrorism people will gather at CTX09 to debate the current nature of the threat, examine trends, and help to identify possible solutions.

"Events including September 11, Bali, Madrid, the London Underground and Bus bombing and the Glasgow Airport attacks serve as a reminder that the threat from terrorism is never far away," says Peter Jones, Event Director for CTX09. "The twarted August 10 bomb plot and the failed London club-land attacks give us a moment of pause with the realisation that acts of terrorism can come from unknown and expected avenues."

That terrorist groups have an upper hand still appears clear despite political rhetoric to the contrary, organisers add. One of the biggest threats still facing us is that from the unseen hand. Terrorist groups have become adept in striking when least expected and from entirely unexpected directions. Intelligence can only go so far in preventing terrorist attacks but is next to useless when the threat is unknown and so-called clean skins who have rarely if ever come under the watchful gaze of the appropriate authorities.

"The events of recent years have taught us much in respect to how terrorist groups work, but equally have confounded us with the nimble ease with which they change tack and direction in the blink of an eye. Those events have also caused us to question the counter measures and methodologies in place to interdict acts of terrorism.

"In the aftermath of both the September 11 attacks in the United States and the July 7 attacks in the UK, it was found that disparate parts of the law enforcement community possessed certain amounts of intelligence on some of the terrorists involved but for one reason or another neglected to share that information with counterparts elsewhere. Intelligence sharing is a vital prerequisite in countering terrorism and yet has been one of the biggest failures as we battle with the threats we face," adds Jones.

CTX09 features a conference and specialist workshops designed to provide a forum through which delegates can explore the latest technological solutions available. CTX09 also has an exhibition showcasing security products and solutions.

The conference programme will cover the following and other themes:

Border Control & Immigration

Inter-Agency Co-operation & Information Sharing

Counter Terrorism Policy

International Co-Operation


High Profile Events & Venues

Infrastructure & Utilities

Contingencies & Resilience

The specialist workshops are expected to focus on:

Intelligence & Information Sharing

People Smuggling & Drug Trafficking

Covert Surveillance Techniques

Concealed Weapons Detection

Liquid Explosive Detection

Chemical & Biological Weapons

Threat from Within

Aviation Security

CTX09 organisers say the event has been structured such that the key interlocking issues faced by counter terrorism specialists will be given precedence, in an effort to drive forward meaningful strategies to outwit and outmaneuver those who may be planning further attacks.

"London has seen more than its fair share of terrorist atrocities in recent times and it is right and proper that CTX09 be held here and in close proximity to the corridors of power in Whitehall. Moreover, London will host the world’s greatest sporting event, the 2012 Olympic Games. A major theme within CTX09 will be the security of such large scale events and we hope that debate within this theme will inform and assist in ensuring the 2012 Olympic Games are the safest in the history of the Olympiad," adds Peter Jones.

More information on CTX09:

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