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CBC debuts high-res Pixim Seawolf cameras

by msecadm4921

Leading surveillance solutions provider CBC (Europe) has introduced ground-breaking high-resolution Pixim Seawolf cameras into its expanding CCTV range. Pixim imaging technology’s benefits include sizeable gains in low light performance, highly accurate colour reproduction and industry leading wide dynamic range performance.

The Pixim Seawolf chipset’s progressive image capture delivers additional vertical resolution that can be recorded on a DVR and seen on inexpensive monitors. Compared with CCD’s interlaced scan image capture technique, 25% more total resolution is achieved using Pixim Seawolf’s progressive image capture technology.

Pixim Seawolf offers 690 HTVL-E resolution. Putting this into perspective, horizontal resolution of greater than 540 HTVL cannot be seen or recorded in a typical CCTV system, so Seawolf uses a new measurement of effective resolution (HTVL-E). This takes into account the camera’s total vertical and horizontal pixel count, as well as horizontal resolution.

Seawolf’s ultra wide dynamic range (maximum 120dB) performance provides significantly improved exposure performance, complementing the cameras’ higher effective resolution. Combined with its accurate colour rendition and low light colour performance, the cameras also have no blooming or colour bleed problems and zero image smearing. In operation, these advantages can be immediately seen in situations such as the monitoring of ATM cash machines and commercial entrances, where cameras point towards the light – Pixim Seawolf overcomes these challenging conditions to provide the optimum exposure in all areas of the image.

“Pixim Seawolf allows individual pixel sampling to determine optimum exposure in all areas of the image. This provides a balanced exposure of both bright and dark areas in the same scene, making this camera ideal for the toughest backlight problems,” says Dave Riley, CBC’s Head of Sales for the UK & Ireland.

“The cameras’ excellent image quality and colour rendition in challenging lighting conditions are also an invaluable tool in applications including retail surveillance and the monitoring of transport systems, as well as keeping watch over town and city centres and car parks.”

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