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New Veracity TIMENET PoE NTP server offers exceptional precision with accuracy to within one millisecond

by msecadm4921

Veracity, a leading manufacturer of products which help support IP surveillance solutions, has addressed the problems associated with inaccurate reference time signals for the synchronisation of system clocks within video surveillance recording equipment such as digital video recorders (DVRs) – with the introduction of TIMENET PoE.

Ensuring video surveillance is matched with accurate time is vital when submitting video evidence. Many DVR products, especially those which are PC-based, have inaccurate internal clocks which drift by many seconds per week.  Video surveillance evidence which does not match with an accurate time reference can be easily dismissed in a court of law.

TIMENET PoE (Power over Ethernet) is the latest addition to its TIMENET series and can be powered using a PoE connection, with the unit certified to accept Class 1 PoE, making it simple to incorporate into a PoE-powered network and negating the need for a separate power supply connection.  TIMENET PoE uses GPS satellite signals to receive NTP (Network Time Protocol) data; Veracity has improved the unit’s sensitivity to GPS signals to deliver accuracy to within one millisecond (one thousandth of a second).

Veracity has also developed a fully-featured web interface for TIMENET PoE for easy on-line set-up, monitoring and control of the device, which also included enhanced password protection to ensure added security.  TIMENET PoE is compact – with a width less than 7cm, and offers simple installation and very low power consumption of less than 1 Watt.

Alastair McLeod, managing director of Veracity UK (Ltd) said:
“Our original TIMENET was launched in 2006 and it has become a vital addition to any video surveillance system as in-built system clocks cannot be relied upon to provide accurate time for video surveillance footage.  We had a great response to our new TIMENET PoE when we showed the product to exhibition visitors last year. Many of them immediately recognised that we had listened to installers who want to power an NTP server using PoE and also want exceptional accuracy and ease of use.”
TIMENET PoE is available now from all Veracity global distribution partners. 

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