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Antenna underfloor

by Mark Rowe

New from Checkpoint Systems, an underfloor Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna. It’s designed mainly for luxury and high-end retailers who require a discreet security system. Hundreds of EVOLVE Exclusive F10 are already in retail stores around the world, for reducing shrink, and improving merchandise availability.

Designed primarily for luxury apparel, jewellery or accessory retailers seeking store aesthetics, the EVOLVE Exclusive F10 sits below the shop’s floor while still providing range of detection. The system can be configured to cover entrance doorways of up to 12m/ 39.4ft wide addressing some retailers’ preferences for an open entrance without visible antennas. Now department stores in a mall setting have a viable solution to protect their multiple entrances.

Farrokh Abadi, president and chief operating officer, Shrink Management and Merchandise Visibility Solutions, said: “We designed this new ‘invisible’ EAS solution by partnering with some luxury brands for whom creating a positive shopping experience for customers was as important as protecting their merchandise. We are proud that our new underfloor EVOLVE Exclusive F10 meets their requirements with regard to merchandise protection as well as the aesthetics and design of their floor space.”

The makers say that they designed the EVOLVE Exclusive F10 to protect the large aisle widths of many store entrances and withstand the heavy weights associated with high traffic and goods moving through a store entrance.

While the antenna remains out of sight, when a theft attempt happens, different alarm detection notifications are available according to retailer preference These include external audible alarm, flashing lights, pager notifications and other options that follow the retailer’s loss prevention policies. The EVOLVE Exclusive F10 system is also compatible with Checkpoint’s VisiPlus Overhead sensor to provide Smart Alarm Management and visitor counting data.

This newproduct supports Checkpoint’s iMAP (Intelligent Merchandise Availability Program). Visit

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