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by Mark Rowe

Identifying new opportunities and growth paths are critical to expansion, but this can be complicated and time-consuming for companies, no matter their size, say the founders of GTXM, Terry Sallas and Dan Thomas.

They add that they understand this through their experience of growing a diversity of tech and service businesses. Recognising the need for a smarter way of generating new business, GTXM provides a solution for aspiring organisations to break into new markets and generate sustainable growth.

GTXM specialises in helping technology firms realise the market potential for their products and services by addressing multiple sales challenges through a unified solution. The service combines sales and tech with business development, digital marketing, analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and lead generation to provide a way of pushing into new sectors.

Terry Sallas says: “The opportunities for aspiring companies to expand are greater than ever however the labyrinth of digital tools and sales enablers that are now available can be difficult to manage. The GTXM solution simplifies this by focusing on what’s really important and provides the analytics, market intelligence and presence that are critical to helping companies break new areas, establish their brand and position them for sustained growth.”

GTXM add that aspiring businesses need a continual and uncompromising focus on new business. This high-level support is not available through managing multiple task-specific agencies and platforms, according to the firm. United by one solution, GTXM creates a synergy between important sales, marketing, and business development disciplines for the goal of business growth. The approach is suitable it’s suggested for businesses including overseas firms growing UK revenues, companies in emerging markets, start-ups and tech innovators establishing a presence, and investors preparing to exit.

Dan Thomas adds: “Business development in new sectors is complicated, expensive, and uncertain and there is no silver bullet for this. At GTXM, we start with the strategy and create a bespoke growth programme for each customer that delivers agreed outcomes. It’s a fully managed service providing detailed analytics, management information and above all greater certainty.”


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