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IP video surveillance distribution deal

by Mark Rowe

Mayflex, the distributor of converged IP security and other products, is now distributing products from Secure Logiq, the manufacturer of specialised servers for the IP surveillance market.

Secure Logiq says that its workstations and servers are built from the ground up to provide performance of up to 4000 Mbps, storage of over 1 petabyte in a single 4U server, and resilience with up to RAID60. Servers have dual redundant PSUs as standard. They come with OS and application on 2 x SSD’s in Raid1 and Battery backed RAID as standard with options for RAID5 + Hot Spare, for resilience.

Pictured left to right are Ben Yoxall, Secure Logiq Global Sales Director, Adam Herring Mayflex Director of Sales – Security; and Robin Hughes Secure Logiq co-founder.

Adam Herring, Security Director at Mayflex said: ‘We are delighted to be distributing and working with Secure Logiq. Their products provide the perfect and trusted server solution for our customers. With so many features and benefits, and the fact that they are built in the UK means that the carbon footprint and environmental impact of their servers is kept to a minimum, particularly when compared to many servers that are shipped around the world before getting to the final customer.

‘With the inclusion of their ‘Logiqal Benchmark’ utility it allows users to create a complete virtual environment replicating their entire IP Surveillance system and providing proof that the server hardware is fit for purpose, something that is unique to Secure Logiq and also contains a ‘camera replicator facility’ saving a considerable amount of set up time, amongst many other benefits. Our customers can check out which server is right for their requirements by using the handy ‘Logiqal Calculator.’’

Robin Hughes of Secure Logiq said: ‘Having worked with Mayflex in previous roles I’m excited to once again be working with the Mayflex team to distribute the Secure Logiq range. Secure Logiq and Mayflex are both companies that strive for the very best in service and support and putting the customer at the heart of everything that we do, so we are well aligned, and we are very much looking forward to a long and successful partnership.’


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