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SbD Commercial 2023 Design Guide

by Mark Rowe

The police initiative Secured by Design (SbD) has launched the free to view SbD Commercial 2023 Design Guide, the latest in its new or updated design guides. For the first time the Commercial Guide is divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

SbD Commercial provides design guidance and specification requirements for commercial premises so as to reduce the risks of crimes against the person or property; such as burglary, theft, arson, vehicle crime and assault. To quote from a foreword: “Design-led solutions to prevent crime will include ample opportunity for natural surveillance, high quality public lighting, clearly defined and well overlooked defensible spaces, the eradication of unnecessary foot routes and see these routes concentrated together with busier traffic routes, the sensible and sensitive positioning of play and leisure areas, the provision of clear and appropriate boundary treatments and the careful removal of any chances to hide unseen to create ambush points.”

The scope of the document ranges from new schemes to refurbishments of existing buildings. It covers commercial developments where the public have no formal access, as in a factory or an office; and those where public access is welcomed, such as in retail premises, leisure centres and public service buildings. Such developments may range in size from a single unit with a defined use to a group of buildings with multiple uses.

While the 60-page document covers CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and the Internet of Things, in the main it covers physical security, from (to name only a few) gates and bollards, glazing and fencing, and roof lights and roof windows (pictured) to the security for underground car parks, bicycle stores, lifts and mail delivery; and electric vehicle charging points.

Contributions to the document come from Police DOCOS (Designing Out Crime Officers), the Fire and Rescue Service, trade and industry, access control specialists, local government and building control, and academia.

Michael Brooke, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, parent of SbD said: “SbD Commercial provides a practical level of risk and sustainable security measures which are compatible and sympathetic to successful business. The majority of crimes committed on commercial premises are property related because modern business uses an array of desirable and easily transportable goods with a ready market such as plant, raw materials, laptops and many other valuable assets.

“Among other crime types to be considered when designing commercial properties are vandalism, graffiti, robbery, assaults on staff members and cyber crime, including the Internet of Things which is covered in the Cyber Crime and the Internet of Things section of the guide.

“It is our intention to continually update this guide as a result of further consultations with partners, signalling new iterations of standards and improved styles of applying designing out crime methods in order that communities will be protected from crime for years to come.

“It is vital that the benefits of a new Secured by Design commercial development are complemented with a clear management and maintenance programme together with a business continuity and resilience plan which will further promote a safe working environment. More information about risk management in both new and existing commercial buildings can be obtained from the SBD partner initiative ‘Secured Environments at:”

This iteration of Secured by Design Commercial applies to all SbD applications made after August 1. If you wish to contribute to any of the SbD Design Guides email Secured by Design at [email protected].

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