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White Ribbon accreditation

by Mark Rowe

The University of Salford has received White Ribbon accreditation. That’s a global campaign that encourages people, especially men and boys, to individually and collectively take action and change the behaviour and culture that leads to abuse and violence.

The uni says it’s part of wider work to ultimately create a safer campus experience for all students and staff, regardless of gender or sexuality. Hence some of the actions that have been and will be taken include:

Setting up a White Ribbon Steering Group, comprising of White Ribbon Ambassadors (men) and Champions (women)
A new domestic abuse drop-in support service provided by Safe in Salford; and
Key events over the year such as White Ribbon Day on Friday, November 25.

White Ribbon Ambassadors are men, from all departments at the university, who are working to change the cultures that lead to violence and abuse against women; while White Ribbon Champions are women who play an essential role in encouraging men to get involved whether through conversations or social media.

Leanne Kirk, Manager of the Respect, Cultures and Behaviours team at the university, said: “I started the Domestic Abuse Champions Group during the first lockdown as I was alarmed by the increase in domestic abuse cases during this time. Achieving White Ribbon accreditation has been a really important part of this work, particularly in light of some more high-profile cases of violence against women we have seen in recent years, including the murders or Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our White Ribbon Ambassadors and Champions for all of their hard work and dedication. I’ve really enjoyed working with male students and staff from across the University and experiencing how passionate they are to work towards ending male violence against women and creating a safer campus for all.”

And Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK, added: “White Ribbon accredited organisations are able to make a real difference towards ending violence against women by promoting a culture of respect and equality, amongst their staff and wider communities. By raising awareness among employees, people can learn how to become allies and call out violent and abusive behaviour when they see it, at work and outside.

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