Galaxy Flex options

by Mark Rowe

Added to the Galaxy Flex intruder alarm and door control system from Honeywell are video verification and enhanced communications options. The makers say their product is designed for small to mid-sized commercial businesses (SMBs) and large residential sites. Galaxy Flex comes with 12 on-board wired zones and offers all the features of the Galaxy Dimension security product in a compliant EN50131-1 Security Grade 2, PD6662:2010 system.

Honeywell says that its Galaxy Flex has a flame retardant, toughened polycarbonate housing that can host radio, communications and other features within the control panel box. This reduces cabling requirements and the need to install more boxes, the makers say. Configuration is by a keypad, which saves time in commissioning the control panel, the company says. The product also has a ‘plug and play’ feature which automatically detects remote peripherals once the panel is powered up. This reduces training and speeds up installation, according to the firm.

The Galaxy Flex security system enables end users to manage access control and intrusion operations through a single interface. Programming functionality is with a quick start guide and menu. The multi-path communication options allow IP alarm signalling via a GPRS and/or Ethernet connection in addition to running on a standard PSTN line. Diagnostics on the GPRS are for set up. Choosing GPRS dual path communications means installers can eliminate recurring costs associated with using third party communicators, it is claimed.

Visual verification provides customers with a method of verifying alarms compared to sequential and audio methods. A customer’s central monitoring station (CMS) or alarm receiving centre (ARC) will receive a series of pre- and post- alarm images, allowing them to verify a threat. By using these images, the CMS or ARC can carry out identification of the cause of the alert; reducing false alarms and avoiding unnecessary use of police and installers, as well as minimising inconvenience and penalties associated with false alarms. In addition, the strong visual evidence of intrusion provided by the associated images means that insurers can process claims more quickly, and the police have a more robust case to help secure prosecutions.

For security managers using a Galaxy Flex security system with a CMS or ARC, a key benefit is the ability to carry out maintenance and servicing from a remote location with automatic health report generation. Site visits can be time consuming and inconvenient for a customer, and are a cost to the installer in time, resource allocation and fuel charges. These can be reduced by up to 50 per cent each year as one of the two compulsory annual maintenance checks can be carried out remotely. Moreover, bi-directional remote servicing functionality allows the CMS or ARC to check that maintenance work has been carried out successfully, something that most alternative third party communicators cannot provide.

Galaxy Flex is compliant with the European Security Grade 2 standard that installers implementing solutions for SMBs and large residential sites are legally obliged to meet in Spain. Equally, the firm adds, for end users a Grade 2 accreditation is essential for keeping down insurance premiums and ensuring their business or house is protected.

Martin Pacitti, Galaxy Product Manager EMEA, Honeywell Security Group, says: “Galaxy Flex is a simple-to-use, cost effective and feature-rich solution for intruder detection and door control that is specifically designed for SMBs and bigger residential properties. This is a section of our customer base that considers the protection of its people and its assets of paramount importance. With Galaxy Flex our message to them is clear; there’s no need to compromise.”

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