Pyronix re-joins BSIA

by Mark Rowe

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) presents a Q&A with SEMs Chairman Darren Owens (Honeywell ACS) and newly re-joined member Sebastian Herrera from Pyronix, the alarm panel manufacturer. The Q&A focuses on the value of BSIA membership, the key challenges of the professional security industry and industry improvements the BSIA should act on.

Darren Owens, EMEA COE Regulatory, Honeywell ACS: “What influenced your decision to re-join the BSIA?”

Sebastian Herrera, CEO, Pyronix: “Our decision to re-join is based on the BSIA being recognised as the voice of the professional security industry. In a continuously changing technological landscape with new and previously unseen competitors, the BSIA enables Pyronix to have a seat at the table to drive industry change and conversation. Our membership also allows for us to be in the midst of potential future changes to the security market, driving new technology, getting involved in conversations surrounding legislation and shaping the industry.”

Darren Owens: “What key benefits do you believe you will gain from your BSIA membership?”

Sebastian Herrera: “One of the key benefits to us is the variety of membership sections that the BSIA offers, including the Security Equipment Manufacturers and Export Council – amongst many others – which provides an extensive platform for Pyronix to contribute towards. The relevance of all these sections, allows for important matters to be formally discussed with other key industry stakeholders, in driving standards and other changes within the security industry. Another benefit to us as a business is the trust that the BSIA mark provides. We already pride ourselves on being heavily involved as a promoter of technological change within the security industry. Now being a member of the BSIA again affirms our input the security industry and shows our customers and wider stakeholders that we are a part of an association which can affect a change to the professional security market.”

Darren Owens: “As the voice of the professional security industry, the BSIA is encouraging security organisations to ‘be a member not just an observer’ – do you relate to and agree with this statement?”

Sebastian Herrera: “Yes, as a member of the BSIA, Pyronix are keen to be an active member and contribute towards key topics that the industry is talking about. It is important for members of the BSIA, and those thinking of joining, to partake in the conversation. This is one of the key reasons that Pyronix decided to re-join the BSIA after a number of years, as we are now extremely keen to get involved and add our opinion on crucial topics and issues across the industry. This in turn enables us to be an active contributor towards change within the security industry. This is especially vital, given that the BSIA represent the UK Security Industry on British, European and International Standards committees, it is crucial to have a voice and speak up for what matters in the industry.”

Darren Owens: “What do you believe are the key challenges facing the industry today?”

Sebastian Herrera: “The primary challenge for the security industry today, particularly in the residential market, is continuing to communicate the value of the professional installed security system. We are in a fast-paced technological landscape, with serious technology disruption on the horizon from the DIY arena, enabled through IoT platforms and voice assistants like Amazon and Google. Being able to communicate our value to the consumer right throughout the buying chain, whilst also being adaptable to changing market trends and adopting new technology, will be a critical success factor in the future of the industry.”

Darren Owens: “Is there any specific area you want the BSIA to help the industry improve on?”

Sebastian Herrera: “As the BSIA has such an impact on the driving of standards and key legislation, it would be helpful to see the BSIA assisting the industry with the key technological issue I mentioned earlier. With the residential market sector growing year on year, this is one of the main pressures on professional security system manufacturers as well as installers. However, now we are a member once again, being supported by the BSIA in regards to our high standards and the quality products we offer, will hopefully assist in driving people towards a professional installed system, where they can fully understand the benefits of such.”

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