Fingerprint access

by Mark Rowe

Suprema, the biometrics product company, is launching BioEntry P2. It’s described as a mullion-type fingerprint access control device that offers multi-card reading for access control.

Designed for enterprise level access systems and smaller business users, BioEntry P2 comes with 1.0GHz CPU. It claims matching speeds of up to 10,000 matches per second. With its 8GB memory, BioEntry P2 can accommodate up to 10,000 users and provides it’s claimed matching results with minimal lag time.

As for security of devices, it has an enhanced fingerprint algorithm, improved optical fingerprint sensor, and dual-band RFID. The new Suprema fingerprint algorithm is more accurate than its predecessor and the makers say reduces false rejection rate to improve security. It compensates for unsatisfactory fingerprint captures such as direct sunlight conditions or distorted finger images. BioEntry P2 features dual-frequency, multi-card reading. Supporting all HID multiCLASS compatible RFID standards, the device features LF(125kHz) and HF(13.56MHz) RFID and reads most types of RFID card standards with a single device including MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire, FeliCa, HID Prox, EM and NFC.

Hanchul Kim, Director of Global Business at Suprema said: “The new BioEntry P2 is at the spearhead of our second generation access control line-up and it clearly reflects Suprema’s commitment to enterprise-level markets. From the designing stage of BioEntry P2, we aimed to bring the most versatile biometric access control solution regardless of RFID standards and size of the projects it covers.

“Our target markets for BioEntry P2 are enterprise-level access control systems where there is significant demand for biometric solution with an ease of installation and future-proof technologies to cope with fast evolving authentication methods. Its innovative multi-RFID reading covers most RFID standards in today’s market and will benefit users with effective integration with legacy systems as well as providing users with capability of adopting new authentication methods into their existing system including RFID, mobile and biometrics,” Kim added.

The BioEntry P2 will be available for shipping from late October and will be distributed through Suprema’s authorised sales networks.

Also new is CoreStation, a door controller which provides biometric-enabled security. Designed for mid to enterprise-level systems, CoreStation handles up to 500,000 users with incredible fingerprint matching speed of up to 400,000 matches per second, according to the makers. By providing biometrics and Ethernet communication, CoreStation is capable of offering access control functionalities for up to 132 access points with the company’s BioStar 2 security platform. The device also provides central biometric template management and also interfaces with reader technologies including RS-485(OSDP) and Wiegand.

Hanchul Kim said: “The new CoreStation is designed to fulfill the demand of biometric technology within the more-secure, larger scale access control applications with centralised topology. While providing intelligent controller functionalities, the device also manages fingerprint matching and biometric data storage under secure location. With the addition of this intelligent biometric controller to Suprema’s existing access control portfolio, our customers will have more choices and flexibility in designing their security systems. With its extension module peripherals, reader compatibility and versatility in application, CoreStation will provide perfect access control solutions for both new installations as well as a replacement of existing systems.”

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