Hybrid recorders

by Mark Rowe

The Reading-based distributor Norbain is offering the latest range of Vectis hybrid video recorders (HVR) from Siemens.

New features include the addition of the VSS_SDK allowing Vectis to integrate with access control, intruder and fire alarms from Siemens. Vectis HVRs now support the latest specification of the ONVIF 2 open networking standard. Siemens has also introduced a new line of “storage tanks”, which expand the built-in storage capacity of its hybrid video recorders up to 22TB.

The updated Vectis HVRs form the core of Siemens’ Full HD CCTV product portfolio and is designed for CCTV, the firm says. The recorders can record the video streams from 16 HD cameras and 16 traditional analogue cameras at the same time. H.264 compression minimises the storage space required without degrading image quality, it is claimed. Vectis HVRs have inputs for analogue cameras as well as for the latest IP cameras from Siemens (based on ONVIF protocol).

The Vectis HVR software is for PTZ response. All devices on the network can now receive and process alarm notifications, such as the ones generated by motion detectors and audio detection in the cameras.

The new software integrates HVRs more with other Siemens security systems, including the SiPass access system and the MM8000 danger management station. The devices support the latest specification of the ONVIF 2 open networking standard, towards compatibility with cameras from third-party vendors.

The new features have also been added to the Vectis HX NVS software, which runs on standard PCs and monitors and records images from up to 256 IP cameras per installed network. Previous Vectis HVR devices can be updated free using a firmware upgrade.

To complement its Vectis line of HVRs, Siemens also offers an external data storage tank. This device is designed for rack mounting and takes up one rack unit each. Models with a capacity of 4, 8 or 12 TB version can be designed for a user’s needs in the near future. The data storage tanks expand the 12 TB of existing built-in storage offered by Vectis HVRs to up to 22TB and according to the firms provide comparable performance because they come with the same eSATA interface.

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