Raising the bar of surveillance with dual-sensor systems

by Mark Rowe

The integration of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and thermal cameras is a highly effective way of monitoring and recording all activity on your property or premises.

The Eye in the Sky – Surveillance with CCTV

Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) serves as one of the most effective ways of monitoring activity in your home, and on your premises. The name CCTV refers to signals which are privately monitored, hence the name closed-circuit. CCTV is highly effective for security purposes, since it is a useful tool in surveillance activity. The camera feeds are transmitted to TV monitors inside the home and recording devices can safeguard data for set time intervals. Of course, for CCTV to be effective, the cameras must be strategically placed, and positioned at a certain height and location where they are not easily accessible to trespassers, vandals, or criminal elements.

In the olden days, closed-circuit TV systems used black-and-white monitors with low resolution and no interactive functionality. These gizmos were the most sophisticated devices at the time, yet they pale in comparison to the CCTV surveillance, monitoring and protection systems that are now available. Modern day closed-circuit TVs offer high-resolution displays, with zoom functionality, image tracking, and a profusion of colors. It is even possible to deploy systems with audio functionality, allowing the security officer or home owner to warn perpetrators about trespassing on private property. When speakers are positioned close to the CCTVs cameras, talking CCTV is also an option for home owners of larger properties.

Thermal Cameras for Home Security

Home security systems rely heavily on high quality digital cameras for providing visuals of what is happening in your home. They are ideal for monitoring purposes and serve as an alert system when intruders are detected. Of course, regular surveillance cameras may not always pick up intruders, especially if it is raining heavily outside, there is fog, mist, dust storms, or any other weather phenomena that may obscure detection by a traditional home security camera. Enter the thermal camera. These cameras operate with the most sophisticated technology to make it impossible for any intruder to avoid detection on these types of systems. The cameras are now being marketed to the public for home security purposes. Thermal cameras have multiple applications, and they are equipped with sophisticated diagnosis and reporting tools for optimal detection, surveillance and recording capabilities.

Thermal Cameras Provide Enhanced Monitoring of Your Property

The difference between daylight security cameras that use IR illumination, and thermal cameras is significant. Thermal cameras don’t see light – they see heat. And since every human being, creature, or power source emits a heat signature – nothing gets by a thermal camera. Thermal cameras can create clear images in blackout conditions, while a standard night vision camera may not even pick up the intruder on your property. It is possible to generate high contrast images in conditions of zero light – that’s the power of thermal cameras for home security. High quality thermal cameras operate with digital technology, and they can provide long-range detection even before the intruder has entered the perimeter of your property.

Given that these are such advanced devices, the number of false alarms are also lower. A homeowner with CCTV and thermal imaging technology has the dual benefit of crystal-clear visuals 24/7. And since no external lighting is required for thermal cameras, they can be hidden from view, under the recesses of your roof, or in dark corners where they are unnoticeable. Many of the CCTV thermal cameras now being rolled out to the public are constructed with military grade technology. While they are not designed to replace dogs, the neighborhood watch, or the local police, they are the perfect accoutrement to serve as an enhancement for your home security. Since they offer boosted perimeter protection over standard night vision capabilities, they are the go-to solution for home owners.

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