Cyber promise

by Mark Rowe

Luxembourg launched a Cybersecurity Competence Center (“C3”) in October. A number of events were held, including the PwC Cybersecurity Day. This brought together cybersecurity companies to present their technologies to an audience of angel investors, venture capital companies (VCs), CEOs, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) from Benelux countries, and cybersecurity figures from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Israel and the United States.

Stratus Digital Systems Inc., a young company based in the US, was voted the ‘Most Promising Company’ by the audience. The Eugene, Oregon-based cyber firm makes the point that cybercriminals need two critical elements to be successful: time (to focus on prized data), and a static target (the networked servers which they exploit to access valuable data). Stratus says that its evolutionary technology denies the cybercriminal time and target by creating on-demand servers with randomly assigned, unpredictable IP addresses to which only the authorised, transaction participants have access. When the user terminates the transaction, the software is erased and the server is destroyed. Stratus says that its solution therefore reduces internet exposure, cuts the cybercriminal’s residence and destroys the attackers’ progress before data can be stolen.

Pictured are Francois Lavaste, Airbus Head of Digital Security (left) and Greta Geankopolis, Stratus CEO (centre) and Ken Chanin, Lead Software Engineer of Stratus Digital Systems. Greta Geankopolis said: “The impact of Stratus’ paradigm-shifting technology cannot be overstated. It puts control squarely back in the hands of organizations with sensitive data and dramatically reduces immense potential losses (a recent breach of a major company’s data is estimated to cost them $300-$325 million, and caused them to lose $3 billion in total Company Value, or Market Capitalization). Stratus’ technology is also infinitely scalable and seamlessly integrated within existing systems.”

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