INTERPOL digital date

by Mark Rowe

The international police body INTERPOL has held its Digital Security Challenge (DSC) cybercrime investigation, in Vienna. The three-day event covering cybercrime investigation was for police of INTERPOL member countries. This was the third time the event was held, after sessions in Singapore in 2016 and 2017.

Participants from 27 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America received cybercrime investigation training, from analysing cyberspace evidence to identifying criminals, based on fictitious cybercrime scenarios. A variety of private companies provided training sessions.

For example, with a subsidiary that specializes in security, Cyber Defense Institute, Inc., NEC supported the creation of fictitious scenarios used in the investigation training, the development of data that could be the target of analysis, such as a terminal infected with malware, and provision of an analysis for the investigation. NEC gave a lecture on the emerging threat of IoT botnets.

In consideration of recent cyberattacks, where the misuse of IoT devices is causing greater damage, NEC carried out training that included heavier emphasis on the identification of attack techniques and their sources.

Kozo Matsuo, Vice President, Cyber Security, NEC Corporation, said afterwards: “NEC began cooperating with INTERPOL to support cybercrime investigation in 2012 and we are proud to contribute to the DSC as we strengthen security measures on an international level. These initiatives include the establishment of a base for monitoring security in Vienna, Austria, in 2016, and collaboration with SEC Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH, a Vienna-based security consulting company, in the field of cybersecurity from 2017.”

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