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PSIM with video analytics

by Mark Rowe

HP Autonomy and VidSys announced an alliance to develop a physical security information management (PSIM) platform powered by video analytics.

This will use VidSys’ PSIM with analytics delivered by HP IDOL’s information analytics. The combined software is designed to reduce physical security risks and incidents by delivering actionable intelligence from free text, image, audio and real-time video sources.

Social and broadcast media play an increasingly significant role in anticipating and mitigating potential security incidents. The nature and profile of threats are changing and this new adversary often leaves a digital footprint, creating potential gaps in traditional threat detection. The firms suggest that forward-thinking organisations must process, understand, and act on an array of information, including social media chatter, video surveillance footage, email, case files, criminal records, and physical location data to identify potential threats and act to neutralise the danger.

HP IDOL is a pattern recognition product, while VidSys’ PSIM software combines multiple sources of physical security data like CCTV cameras, access control, and building management systems.

Rohit de Souza, general manager Information Analytics, HP Autonomy said: “We live in a world full of emerging and dynamic threats and these new types of threats require new types of solutions . This joint solution will provide a comprehensive level of real-time situational awareness and mission critical intelligence to leaders responsible for managing security risk.”

And Michael P Jackson, CEO of VidSys, said: “This collaboration allows our mutual customers to seamlessly utilise HP Autonomy’s cross-domain analytics from within the VidSys user interface, while fusing correlation and analysis capabilities of both platforms to create uniquely enhanced information management tools.”

HP Autonomy (booth #4040) and VidSys (booth #5037) were exhibiting at ISC West.

Meanwhile S1 Corporation a Korean security systems company, and VidSys, the Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software firm, announced a strategic partnership agreement.

S1, an affiliate of Samsung Group, is adopting VidSys as its PSIM platform for security integration and critical infrastructure in support of projects around the world.

Under the terms of the agreement, S1 and VidSys will provide customers with security and information management products. The initial partnership activities include establishment of a PSIM demonstration, test and training centre at S1’s corporate headquarters in South Korea and offering PSIM solution to corporate facilities, critical infrastructure sites and safe city programs in several key regions.

Jin Hyuk Yun, S1 CEO, said: “S1 is committed to growing our security integration capabilities on a global scale by adopting and leveraging VidSys PSIM software platform. We believe the market is ready and in need of the innovative solution and that this partnership will deliver just that. Furthermore, it will strengthen our broad product offerings available to our global customers.”

And Michael P Jackson, VidSys CEO said: “We are delighted to become a strategic partner with S1 Corporation. Their technical ingenuity and can-do customer-centered business are game-changers in the market. Having VidSys software as the PSIM solution for S1 offerings is a force multiplier for our mutual customers.”

VidSys announced the release of version 7.6 of its software. The upgrade provides an expanded suite of product security tools and features.

VidSys 7.6 offers the firm says more systemic user-defined flexibilities and customisation options that include detailed new configuration tools, visual enhancements, variable settings and expanded searches. Administrators have more granular options for setting and controlling password protocols.

Also new: expanded options for device controls and access privileges; enhanced scalability to handle massive spikes of data usage; core tools for reduction of server loads; mapping for faster and higher refresh of screens; and device layering on maps for enhanced visualization for operators. Pictured is VidSyS US Sales Director, Kyle Elliot demo’ing the new release of VidSys PSIM at ISC West

James I Chong, founder and CTO of VidSys, said: “This latest release of VidSys software provides cutting-edge features, more efficient and more secure functionality for our innovative physical security and information management software platform . Our commitment is to support the mission-centered focus of our customers globally to protect people, physical assets and critical infrastructure.” Visit –

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