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VdS in China

by Mark Rowe

VdS, the Germany-based inspection and certification company in the field of fire protection and security, writes of China.

As its forecast growth of over eight percent in 2013 indicates, China is still one of the world’s thriving economic regions. This successful growth has also led to increased investments in the construction industry over the last few years, with the “Middle Kingdom” investing around 840 billion euros in real estate construction in 2012 alone. Investments in the nation’s infrastructure have therefore also increased, with construction projects and contracts mostly awarded by public authorities.

“The requirements for publicly announced projects have grown rap-idly in recent years”, declares Lothar Sysk, VdS Chief Representative in China. “Safety aspects in particular have become much more im-portant than they were just a few years ago and are increasingly ori-enting towards Western standards.” The state calls for tender are evidence of this development, demonstrating that in many cases, projects involving the construction of underground stations, public buildings or wind parks only accept components or products that have not only been granted the Chinese “CCC” certification, but also meet the requirements of independent international testing institu-tions, for example the VdS standards. “Companies offering VdS-approved products therefore have excellent opportunities in the Chi-nese market”, emphasises Sysk.

Examples of the importance of VdS standards in China include the fire protection of a wind power station in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, which was consistently oriented towards the VdS guideline on “Fire Protection for Wind Energy Plants” (VdS 3523), and the fire alarm system used on the Wuhan Metro Line 2, which relies on VdS-certified low-maintenance batteries. Taiwan is another nation in which VdS approval is becoming increasingly popular as a precondition for awarding public contracts.

“VdS has an outstanding representation in the Asian region and is becoming more and more important”, confirms Sysk. “Our office in Shanghai not only provides our Asian clients with on-site support and assistance, but also directly opens up the local market for European companies in the area. Additionally, we support Asian companies that want to establish themselves in the European market with VdS-certified products.”

Pictured: Lothar Sysk, VdS Chief Representative in China, with the Governor of the Province of Hubei

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