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Fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection

by Mark Rowe

The FiberPatrol FP1150, pictured, is the newest addition to perimeter protection product company Senstar’s fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection line. The dual-channel FP1150 detects and locates intrusion attempts for up to 10 km (6.2 miles) or 5 km (3.1 miles) per side in a platform that is the manufacturer says more compact, more highly integrated, and more rugged than previous generations.

The FP1150 extends the operational temperature range in the FiberPatrol range of products to 50 degrees C (122 degrees F), making the system more robust by using solid-state disk drives, and integrating previously-external optical modules – all while shrinking the system into a single 4U rack-mount enclosure and adding lower-cost options for shorter perimeters.

Product Manager Stewart Dewar said: “The FiberPatrol FP1150 delivers all the core features and benefits of Senstar’s fiber optic technology while broadening the range of applicability. With its new features and price options starting at distances as low as 1 km (3,280 ft), the FP1150 enables end users and integrators to standardize on FiberPatrol for use on shorter perimeters than ever before.”

Senstar says that its fibre optic products feature low nuisance alarm rates, distinguish between real threats and environmental disturbances, provides detection of simultaneous events, and offer cut immune configuration options. The range requires no power or data infrastructure in the field, is EMI and lightning immune making it intrinsically safe for explosive atmospheres, provides software configurable detection zones, and integrates with a variety of SMS/PSIM platforms.

Senstar’s FiberPatrol line includes the FiberPatrol FP1100X for long range fence mounted applications, the FiberPatrol FP6100X for buried intrusion detection applications, and the FiberPatrol FP6100X TPI detection system for buried pipelines. Visit

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