Range with imaging and encoding

by Mark Rowe

The Italian video security product manufacturer Videotec has extended its range of cameras that include the new DELUX imaging and encoding. That can now be found in models designed for surveillance in the marine, and oil and gas sectors, and improves the day and night vision of these products.

After recently being integrated into the ULISSE COMPACT PTZ, DELUX is now available across the IP, PTZ and fixed cameras of the ex-proof and Marine lines, namely the MAXIMUS MPX, MVX AND NXPTZ. These models are for use the makers add on extreme sites and where there is a risk of explosion. DELUX brings increased light sensitivity, which means the cameras deliver very quality vision day or night, with clear high-definition images and well-defined colours – even in very low light according to the company.

The improved precision and image clarity is especially for sensitive areas that need to identify people, objects, moving vehicles and other events, day or night.

In addition to improved colour rendering and greater noise reduction, DELUX has brought the control of speed proportional to zoom and the management of Privacy Masking. DELUX has been developed end to end by Videotec’s R&D team. Visit

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