Physical Security

Keyless ATM

by Mark Rowe

The new Keyless ATM Management System from dormakaba is aimed at financial institutions to protect assets against ATM attacks. This product uses the Axessor NOT Safelock.

The lock is installed on the interior of the ATM pod door, to prevent attacks to the exterior as there is no hardware to attempt to break. Thanks to the keyless nature of the product, there is no risk of lost keys nor cost to replace any. The device provides authorised personnel with access to the ATM using a unique identification code, that is sent via an encrypted app. Access is granted within seconds, yet only when the user complies with a number of digital security checks.

Access to the locks can be programmed, monitored and audited remotely with the central dashboard, allowing those authorised full visibility to view the real-time status of the locks.

Thanks to its network-based application, the product reduces any downtime required to retrofit the building and can be integrated into CCTV and building management systems, the product firm says. The manufacturer points to the prospect of better safety of lone workers namely key holders.

Kate Palk at dormakaba says: “We understand the complex environments for financial institutions, which require many different access levels for different personnel. As well as maintaining extremely high levels of protection for cash and private documentation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the entire security and access experience and we believe that the next step in securing ATMs is keyless.

“As such, we developed our Keyless ATM Management System to not only remove the downtime and risks associated with the use of a physical key, but also increase security. We’ve developed the system to work for a range of products within the branch. From the locking on the ATM to the back office; controlling electronic door handle sets, and cylinders for staff-only areas of the building. These can now all easily be integrated and monitored via the Reslam app.

“We’re thrilled to offer this bespoke service to financial institutions, and streamline the offering further by being able to work with businesses from design concepts all the way through to implementing our dedicated aftercare services.”


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