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Motorcycle tracking

by Mark Rowe

The motorcycle tracking product company BikeTrac has recovered more than 1000 customer machines since launch. Introduced to the motorcycle market in 2009, BikeTrac is a Secured by Design member company. It uses GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF, in a dedicated motorcycle device, allowing the firm to not only track down stolen motorcycles and scooters, but be able to assist in proactive recoveries, where only Radio Frequency (RF) could offer location details.

BikeTrac Sales Director, Bill Taylor said: “When we began developing our system, we knew that we had to make sure our tech worked specifically for motorcycles. At the time, others offered GPS, GPRS and GSM, but RF was something that other devices didn’t. This was crucial in our minds because it allowed us to work closer with the authorities to prove we know where the stolen bike is; it’s a big reason why we’ve hit the magic 1000.”

With BikeTrac’s RF function deployed, the location of any stolen bike is much more precise, enabling those on scene to obtain a search warrant much easier, be it a block of garages, lock-up or even sometimes inside a dwelling.

Police point out that motorcycle theft shows no signs of slowing, with the firm recording their busiest ever August, with over 29 bikes reunited with their owners. BikeTrac also offer non-security functions, such as downloadable and shareable routes, service reminders, live battery voltage information and even a ‘bike down’ feature, should a motorcycle have a topple over. Subscribers also have ‘BikeTrac Advantage’, discounts from partners, ranging from track days to earplugs, to cleaning products.

All of BikeTrac’s functions and benefits can be accessed online, with a dedicated App also available. Visit

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