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Apply for SIA badge at post office

by Mark Rowe

The Security Industry Authority is developing a new way for badge applicants to apply for their SIA licence. An agreement has been signed with the Post Office. For further information about the Security Industry Authority visit:

The service will be introduced this autumn. You will no longer need to routinely send in documents and a photograph, which the regulator admits can be costly and inconvenient. This is how it will work:

• Applicants first log on to the SIA online portal and complete their application, they are then told which identity and other documents to take to the Post Office.

• When the applicant goes to the Post Office, the Post Office will check the online application details against the applicant’s documentation and immediately return the documents to the applicant.

• The Post Office will take a digital photograph of the applicant, an electronic version of the applicant’s signature, and payment of the application fee. The applicant will not be charged by the Post Office for using the service.

• The applicant’s photograph and signature are sent to the SIA electronically by the Post Office. The SIA will add them to the application information already received and continue with its checks, just as it does today.

The new service will be available alongside existing methods of applying for a licence until early in 2014 when it will replace the paper application form as the way to apply for a new licence.

SIA Director of Service Delivery Stephen McCormick said: “Our new licence application service will make applying for an SIA licence easier and cheaper, reducing the overall cost for the applicant. We are delighted to be working with the Post Office; the face to face element of the new service will reduce errors, which can cause applications to be rejected, and will help to discourage fraud.

“We are continuing to make improvements to our licensing processes to deliver a faster and simpler service to our customers.”

Martin Moran, Commercial Director at the Post Office said: “The Post Office currently provides a broad range of government services such as renewing passports, driving licence applications and biometric facilities. We are very pleased to be providing the face-to-face element of the SIA’s new licence application service.

“Our service facility will reduce application errors and means less cost and inconvenience for applicants who can now keep their identity documents in their possession by having them checked at the Post Office. We look forward to supporting the SIA with these improvements to its licensing process and helping it deliver a better service.”

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