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EAS Launch

by msecadm4921

Checkpoint Systems announced its RFID Overhead EAS Solution, which includes overhead RFID hardware with on-board filtering software and new RFID hard tags and labels.

Installed suspended from the ceiling or concealed within it, the product enhances, it’s claimed, the store entrance’s appearance. The product can enable retailers to actually know what was stolen, the quantity and the value, helping them to maintain shelf availability and respond smarter to a theft event. The RFID Overhead EAS Solution builds on Checkpoint’s series of RF and dual RF/RFID systems, and encompasses hardware, software and tags. Patented hardware and software technology called Wirama Radar ensures data integrity it’s claimed by eliminating stray reads.

The RFID Overhead EAS Solution joins the previously announced Handheld Visibility and Open EPC Number Management Solutions as part of Checkpoint’s solutions portfolio to deliver increased Merchandise Visibility to apparel retailers. Beyond this point-of-exit solution, Checkpoint plans to add several other products in the coming months for apparel retailers that seek to leverage RFID to reduce out-of-stocks, reduce working capital, increase sales, as well as tackle loss prevention, the firm says.

Checkpoint says it developed its product to address apparel retailers’ needs to leverage RFID both to maintain inventory at the speed of fashion, as well as to reduce shrink, notable for the apparel industry due to its number two rank among all retail verticals for shrink as a percent of sales, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer.

“The ability for a single RFID tag to deliver benefits both for inventory management as well as loss prevention is an important advantage for apparel retailers seeking to maximise the value of their RFID investment,” said Dr Bill Hardgrave, dean of Auburn University’s College of Business. “Determining the static location and dynamic directionality (movement) of merchandise are essential to truly addressing data integrity and loss prevention.”

“As apparel retailers increasingly adopt RFID to increase sales, reduce out-of-stocks and reduce working capital, they are also considering the impact that this technology can have on their loss prevention practices,” said Per Levin, Checkpoint Systems’ worldwide president, Merchandise Visibility Solutions. “We’re providing apparel retailers with solutions that offer a pathway to achieve promising benefits, independent of their individual starting point.”

The RFID Overhead EAS Solution is now being field-tested by major retailers, and will be available in early Q3. For more information, visit –

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