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Honeywell Buy

by msecadm4921

Security manufacturers Honeywell have acquired Edgelinx Systems of Toronto, Ontario, a provider of Visitor Management Systems (VMS) for public and private facilities.

Visitor Management Systems are becoming widely used in all types of facilities, including hospitals, schools, corporate headquarters, research centers and government buildings. The technology is replacing the traditional manual visitor log, which is error prone, lacks privacy and yields minimal reporting data.

What they say

Ben Cornett, president of Honeywell Security, said: “Most facilities have scores of visitors but only the most rudimentary means of keeping track of them. The Edgelinx products address a widespread and serious issue in facility security, and will be a strong complement to Honeywell’s existing portfolio of access control solutions.” Edgelinx Systems’ leading product, LobbyWorks, is an enterprise-level visitor management solution that can be used alongside Honeywell’s ProWatch software and PW5000 control range. LobbyWorks leverages enterprise infrastructure to track transient visitor traffic and strengthens compliance with visitor security policies.

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